Five Top 5s: with Sarah Tinsley

Sarah Tinsley is a graduate of Columbus State University. Native of Atlanta, she has lived in Midtown Columbus for the past 7 years. Her career in non-profits has led her to currently serve as Membership Manager at The Columbus Museum.

Top Five Prettiest Streets in Midtown Columbus

1. Leonard Street

2. 16th Street

3. Carter Avenue

4. Linda Lane

5. Summit Drive

Top Five Worst Parking Lots in Columbus

1. Macon Road Publix

2. Whittlesey Road Walmart

3. Panera

4. Finding a parking spot in Uptown until you realize you can park in the RiverCenter garage for free

5. The 13th Street Shopping Center at lunchtime 

Top Five Understated Non-profits in Columbus

1. Children’s Treehouse Child Advocacy Center

2. Valley Interfaith Promise

3. Homeless Resource Network

4. Truth Spring

5. NeighborWorks

Top Five Friendliest Strangers I met this week

1. Cindy, the kind woman who jumpstarted my car in the middle of Macon Road

2. The two-year-old child that greeted me excitedly every time we passed each other in Publix

3. The stranger on the phone at a museum in California that I cold called to ask a professional opinion

4. The woman who ran the register at CVS on Macon Road

5. The little boy dressed as Super Man who wanted to give me a piece of his candy after I gave him one while Trick or Treating

Top Five Office Employee Thoughts

1. I need coffee

2. That meeting should have been an email.

3. Where did all my paperclips go? Have I really used them all?

4. Why did they feel the need to hit “reply all” on this?

5. I’m hungry. *reads email* SNACKS IN THE BREAKROOM! YES!

Tom Ingram

Tom Ingram is the editor of The Local. He is an English literature graduate of Columbus State University and Columbus native.

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