TasteFull Vapes: The first and the friendliest

For owner Brad Adams, TasteFull Vapes is all about community service. His shop was the first in the area to offer a full-service, single-stop destination for all things vaping, opening the doors to a small store in March 2013. Recently moved to a new location, 6440 West Hamilton Park Drive, Suite B1, in Columbus, Brad offers the latest in vaping technology, with more products at the best prices in the area.

Though Brad and his staff have moved to a new location (and double check the location on your GPS; it’s NOT Old Hamilton Road), the mission remains the same: to provide the best service and best products in a family atmosphere. As Brad explains, “it was never about the money,” and his “just something to do” has blossomed into a thriving business with many loyal customers.

During the recent move, many of Brad’s customers showed up to help him move cabinets and inventory. Sure, they come because Brad keeps up with technology that’s moving faster than cell phones while keeping his products near wholesale prices; but they also show up for Brad because Brad shows up for them.

For Brad, customer service is the mission. He makes house calls and delivers to customer’s places of work. One customer, who had to leave town at 6 a.m., called at 2 a.m. because his rig broke. Brad was there. Brad says he has even been called when a customer had a flat tire, and sure enough, Brad was on his way to help.

Since 2013, Brad has set the standard for vape shops in Columbus, always in the fore. Moving into the new location, Brad is excited to continue this tradition. He already sees game nights and bar-be-ques. Whether you are already into vaping, looking for better products, or are interested in transitioning from cigarettes to something that doesn’t reek, TasteFull Vapes should be your first stop—it’ll likely be the only one you need to make.

Tom Ingram

Tom Ingram is the editor of The Local. He is an English literature graduate of Columbus State University and Columbus native.

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