Music Spotlight: Triple Threat

Catch the heavy-hitting 80’s band June 24 at Legends


by Keith Northington


When children are asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” most offer the expected answers: doctor, lawyer, astronaut, and a few might even aspire to president. But there is another answer, one that makes mothers tremble with fear and fathers shake their first and curse the sky. That answer? Rockstar.

Columbus has a rich music scene, deep with talent, and for a decade now, Triple Threat—Cody Davis, Chuck Garner, Dwayne Michaels and Jason Hammock—have been top performers. They’ve brought heavy-hitting 80’s rock to the area’s nightlife and opened for some of the biggest rock acts to come through Columbus, including Nothing More, Trapt, Travis Tritt, Bobaflex, Taproot and more.

Triple Threat released their first, eponymous EP in 2011, which garnered them play on local rock radio for the songs “What Lies Behind” and “Stuck in a Rut.” The band is back in the studio, working on their next project, which features songs “Already Gone” and “When the Angels Cry.” Both songs are hard-hitting, dealing with the subject of addiction and the devastation that it leaves behind. If you like 80s hair band rock, with melt-your-face guitar work and vocals like early Skid Row with Sebastian Bach, then Triple Threat is a must-see.

Around town, Triple Threat plays mostly cover songs, but they always add a couple of real head-banging originals to the mix. Front man Cody Davis says it’s cool to hear the crowd sing along with his original songs.

With a decade of rocking the local scene under their belt, Triple Threat are looking to make the next jump into the regional band scene. As they get bigger, two things remain true: they play heavy metal, and Columbus is home. Cody says, “Columbus has been a blessing to me. The friends that I have here in Columbus, I will cherish forever.

Your next chance to catch Triple Threat live in Columbus will be Saturday, June 24 at Legends, 5762 Milgen Road. Don’t miss out on one of the area’s hottest bands at an excellent venue.

Tom Ingram

Tom Ingram is the editor of The Local. He is an English literature graduate of Columbus State University and Columbus native.

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